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  • Exceptional TutorsWe are very selective with our tutors. Our tutors’ knowledge is tested through interviews and by transcript verification through their schools. They have great communication skills and can easily transfer their information to student very efficiently. Being fully knowledgeable in the subject matter is the least of 247 Tutoring Pioneers requirement for a tutor. 247 Tutoring Pioneers tutors have are fully capable of transferring their knowledge to students. They have undergone several interview processes and written tests to assure they are perfect communicators and can easily connect with students. The individualized program also is applied for tutors. 247 Tutoring Pioneers create an individualized profile for tutors also and match them with students accordingly.

  • Affordable Tutoring RatesWe have made true quality tutoring affordable. Our rates are much more affordable and reasonable than other tutoring services and we offer plenty of payment solutions which have addressed the needs our students with different financial situations. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our services. After setting up the evaluation sessions, we will assign a tutor to you. If you felt that the tutor did not address your needs and you were not 100% satisfied with our services the session will be free of charge to you and we will credit the money into your student account.

  • one on one tutoringWe specialize in 1-on-1 high quality tutoring. Our tutors will pay attention to all details during their sessions and provide meaningful and useful feedback to students so that they can improve their study habits and learning methods. It is also our goal to enable our students to solve their own problems. We have had great success with our program and have helped hundreds of students. Several aspects are involved. 247 Tutoring Pioneers have created a very successful method of testing students before they are actually tested by their teachers and professors so there will be no surprises when actual tests are handed back. This method has proven to be extremely helpful to students and they have seen the difference this method can make in their understanding of the material, progress and their grades. We take pride in providing quality tutoring for our students. 

  • Progress MonitoringQuality and efficiency of each session along with performance of student and tutor are monitored on different levels to assure best quality of tutoring is being provided. Three factors are considered when we monitor a student's progress. And the numerous information collection about a session will enable us to provide very constructive feedback for our students. 247 Tutoring Pioneers also monitor each student’s progress very closely. Each student’s method of learning is unique to that student and directly related to their progress. 247 Tutoring Pioneers understand the importance and significance of this relation. Tutors will be reporting all the session in detail. These reports will also be available for parents and students. 247 Tutoring Pioneers secondary line of staff will regularly review the reports and general progress of students. They will accordingly communicate back with tutors, parents and/or tutors to maximize the progress by selecting the best way to continue. This method has also been proven to be one of the most effective.

  • One method fits all does NOT work. Our sessions are constructed differently for different students. Based on student’s personality and method of learning different tutors will be assigned and the tutoring and teaching method will also change. An initial evaluation will take place before start of tutoring sessions. Based on our evaluation, student’s method of learning, study habits and student’s teachers and their teaching a specific tutor will be assigned who will take into consideration all these factors and will set up a true individualized session. After each session, session reporting and progress monitoring by our secondary line of staff who will continuously communicate with tutors, parents and students and if requested with teacher to assure that the efficiency of sessions are at their highest. We will individualize even more as sessions progress and it gets better and better after each session.